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Originally Posted by protek View Post
So what's the worst joystick that you have ever crossed paths with, ergonomically or otherwise? Let's leave the PC joysticks and console pads outside and concentrate on sticks and controllers that could be connected to your favorite 8 or 16-bit computer.

For me it has to be the Commodore 1311. Luckily never owned the thing myself but have played with it on a few occasions. Stiff and the triangle shaped stick just drills into your palm. Quickshots and such may not have been the most durable sticks but at least they were pleasant to use.
Some may disagree, but the crappiest Joystick i've used was the original Atari 2600 joystick. Back in '77 as in 1977, i actually managed to break a few of these. They were never designed for pre-teen angst lol. For a game pad, that honor goes to the Gravis game pad for Windows 3.1. What a piece of shite. Off topic, the best PC controller for the money imho is the Xbox 360 wired controller. Cool thread +1

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