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Custom Cases

Hi Guys,

Having seen a re-make of the C64 here -

I was thinking about how hard it would be to make a modern, Windows 7 PC, using a mini-ITX motherboard and fit into something similar to the AMIGA 1200 (not an actual 1200 case, but a modern-looking, sleek all-in-one, PC under the keyboard design), and have two partitions. One for Windows 7, and a small, say 5GB partition with Amiga Forever.

I could easily get a mini-ITX motherboard and fill it with the appropriate CPU, RAM etc etc as I have and can build-up PC's. I know how to make a PC dual-boot and I think it's easy enough to make Amiga Forever bootable (?), but the problem would be getting a mini-ITX form factored design casing.

I think it would be awesome to have a modern PC with a 1200 design to it!

So, my question is -

A). Do, by any chance, these mini-ITX (or similar form factor really) cases, which look similar to the AMIGA 1200, already exist? Im guessing definitely not, but you never know.

B). Does anybody know of any people, companies etc, who create custom PC cases?

Thanks alot guys
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