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Well this did not hurt my A500 but in 1988 when I was working for Commodore in the Philippines I powered on my A500 and once it got hot TONS of ants came running out of it. I opened it and there were many dead bodies to be found. It never hurt the Amiga though it continued to work well even though I don't think I got them all out of it. This did not happen @ work it happened while I was living @ a friends house and we wanted to play a few rounds of Battle Chess and or Kult. The machine went on to give me many good years of service. I did not sell this machine until 1992 when I was in Saudi Arabia. This A500 was painted black and green military style and had lots of upgrades like a Mega Midget Racer 68030 50Mhz Etc. I had modded my Miggy almost 10 years ahead of everyone else. Now modding your computer is a big thing but noone did it in 1992. I later sold it to a brit living Saudi, he was one of my mates while I stayed there for three months. I also made great friends with an Aussie that lived there as well. I wish I could remember their names because they loved Amiga's and we enjoyed visiting the computer shops together. Also I would like to buy that Amiga 500 back. It is the machine that started me down the path of the Amiga mindset.

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