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Just saying hello...

I'm normally mostly over on Amibay and, but with Amibay's recent hosting trouble, I thought I'd drop in and check out another Amiga forum (though I'm glad to see it was only hosting trouble, and not some kind of organizational breakup or something!)

I'm commodorejohn, and I'm a hobbyist programmer/general retrocomputing enthusiast. I've had an interest in the Amiga since ~2001 (yes, a little late to the party,) but after a brief stint with A500 ownership, I didn't have any Amiga equipment again for a while until early 2010. Since that time, I've gone through a few different systems (500, 2000, 3000) before settling on a moderately-expanded 1200 with ClassicWB (which I finally just got online yesterday.) I've been enjoying messing around with it and plan on using it as a development machine when I finally get my ass in gear on some of my game projects.

So yeah, that's a short introduction, just to say hi
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