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Double Dragon worked for awhile but eventually died. It was a crap game anyway, especially compared to the variety of Amiga games that could be played instead.

Hints on hooking up an Amiga to an arcade machine, the hardest part is finding on old working cabinet:
1. Make sure it is a low-res monitor (the Commando/DoubleDragon era)
2. Make sure the screen & joysticks work properly (especially the screen)
3. Try to get the pinouts of the cables inside for the monitor (to save you some time)
4. Try to get a cabinet with 2 joysticks (for 2 player games)

Apart from that it is VERY straight forward, no circuits necessary, just connect the wires:
Amiga monitor: Red, Green, Blue, Hsync, Vsync
Arcade mon: Red, Green, Blue, Sync (HSync + Vsync)

Joysticks + buttons are usually 4 directions and digital just like Amiga joysticks.

You'll want a small amplifier to connect the Amigas sound output to the speaker(s).

If you don't have a hard drive, replace the coinslot with the internal floppy drive, power on, insert disk (instead of coin) and off you go.

Battle Squadron was made for this
Speedball 2 goes down well at parties.
Deluxe Galaga is good for people who just want to play the good old straight forward shoot'em'up.
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