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Eek Godflesh FTP Shock

Yesterday, I read on HIS page that he had activated 5 new FTPs. I decided to investigate to see whether they would block me out almost immediately. But then I tried the first mirror, and.....

Wow. It let me in instantly, it was particularly speedy, and it could download stuff at a hefty rate most of the time. Okay, it doesn't have exactly EVERYTHING from the old FTPs yet (it currently lacks the original disks, the CDTV/32 ISOs, and the public uploads section, etc.), but I could find several things I wanted, although I didn't actually download as much as I initially thought I would want to get out of the FTPs because before then I already grabbed a truckload of stuff from other sites like PE2000,, LeChuck's, Amiga Power (not the magazine), BTTR, etc. It's not all perfect though, for so far I have only managed to get into mirrors 1, 2 & 5.

Just thought I'd mention that since it is rather a surprise and a refreshment from someone who is known throughout the Amiga scene as a "promise-breaker" when it comes to fully active FTPs...
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