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Originally Posted by Merlin View Post
I admit I am not a site developer but I have some understanding of how it all works.
Obvious, but we love you and appreciate you anyway. ;-)

Originally Posted by Merlin View Post
If Debian Linux handled php or was a good enough web server then they wouldn't need Apache, would they? Apache handles Perl (php) scripts, hence my description of it.
Debian (Linux) is an OS (kernel if you're technical). It doesn't handle any of that.
You can add PHP (and/or PERL) to Debian (or any Linux).
You don't need to use them thru a web server. You can run them locally (I had a developer who liked to write his non-web scripts in PHP.. Weird, but it can be done..)
PHP is a scripting language originally designed for web pages (Personal Home Page).

Now, that being said, virtually everyone who uses PHP uses it for websites, and there are LOTS and LOTS of them. Those websites almost always use Apache, and almost always on Linux.

Debian has nothing to do with it.

Originally Posted by Merlin View Post
Apache is broke, 1&1 broke it and they don't give a toss about fixing it; is that a fair assessment of the facts so far?
Not really.
Apache isn't broken.
Your host has decided not to enable PHP.
It's not enabled by default, and he's choosing not to enable it.
That's totally a hosting decision.

A fair assessment..
1&1 is broke. They want you to pay more money for a higher tier so they can make more money.
They most likely just have to type:

apt-get install php5
apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5
a2enmod php5

They want more money to do that...
As a side note, if this happened here, and ClassicAmiga uses PHP, I'd expect it to happen there also...

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