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Ha ha ha, just got a flashback... I think I have you all beat, even though I agree with Competition Pro and the pistol grip horrors.

TI-99/4A joysticks, may they burn in hell:

The sticks use rings of rubber with conductive parts, you need to exert great power to tilt the whole stick+cross package hard enough to press the rubber down. Your right hand will cramp up after 5 minutes.

But because they're rounded at the bottom, your left hand holding the joystick has to exert great power to counter the hard tilt, so your other hand will also cramp up in 5 minutes.

As if that wasn't enough, the fire buttons worked the same way (push plastic which pushes thick rubber onto a PCB) - but you also had to press the center of the button - which meant that shooting more than 1 shot per second was nigh impossible. You could use no other finger than your left thumb to shoot, and if you steered at the same time, your thumb was needed to stop the joystick from tilting, which meant that you couldn't shoot and steer at the same time.

So if a game required shooting, your left thumb as well as both your hands/underarms would cramp up in 5 minutes.

They were to industrial strength, though. They could easily be thrown into the walls and stomped on without so much as a scratch. And you'd do that a lot, I promise

I think TI is one of the companies that deserved commercial failure in the computer market. They're whole lineup of equipment were a long string of non-standard and bad design decisions.

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