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I voted "Just woke up to find it broken", not because that's what happened though but because it's the closest to what happened. It was at a LAN party, all day the computer had been a bit quirky (Well I guess that's what you get when you place it on a table next to a guy playing Counter strike) seeing as how when the guy next to my computer slammed his fist into the table out of anger or disappointment or whatever goes through the heads of counter strike players, my computer'd reboot. Finally I got the hint and put the computer on the floor.
2 reboots later it just didn't want to boot. Tried booting from harddisk and got a ê as the only thing on my screen. Well try booting into fail safe mode. Same result. Well how about skipping the boot sequence and going to DOS. Nope.

Was clear by that time that my harddisk was knackered so I buggered someone at the LAN party to borrow me a boot-disk so I could reformat and reinstall. In goes the disk. Load goes the diskdrive, ê goes the computer. WTF?
I tried fiddling with the hardware, nothing. Got others to fiddle with the hardware. Nothing!. Cursed at the computere, it stuck it's tounge out at me from the diskdrive (Well not really but it would if it had a tounge I'm sure).

Finally after 2 hours of no progress I went to bed decided that a LAN party without a PC wasn't any fun so I'd go home in the morning.

Then I woke up and my computer was just working. Noone had been near it, but it was just working again.
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