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(From another thread):
Originally Posted by synchro View Post
Whoops forgot that (Retrofan's edit: this) thread however it kind of wandered off from the original question and i never actually got an answer to if i could use it and it was an iffy application....Im thinking Legal for this one But like you say James's would be awsome !!

I have never made a legal one before so its a bit new ground to me

Edit ....Actually your right sorry James did add a nod to one of his posts

Edit Again ...According to Iggy on

For 3.0 and all earlier versions, its not only cool, it would appear to be completely legal.
For 3.1, as a test to the ownership of this property, yes its cool.
For 3.5 and 3.9, no there still partially owned by there developers and are still available on the commercial market.

So basicly i should we should be ok to just add a " Put your Rom Here " button to run the whole works
Synchro have you seen the installation of Amikit?

At some moment it asks you to insert or OS3.5 or 3.9 or Amiga Forever to install it.

CWB39 installs over an OS3.9 install.

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