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It gets better, get a load of this reply from 1&1.......

Our administrators have informed us that the current dedicated server you have, UK Dedicated Managed Server Value 1 (2008/08), was actually never intended to have support for PHP. Apparently there was a stable bug in the image design that allowed for PHP to be run, but however now that the debian upgrade has been performed the 'Value' servers are no longer able to support PHP. Additionally we no longer offer that tier of server anymore.
Are they serious? Don't they realise that just about every site on the Internet uses PHP and that Apache is a dedicated PHP handler? What's the point of installing a PHP Handler to the server if they don't support PHP? Idiots.....


We are taking steps to get the site moved to a new server ASAP and 1&1 can kiss my furry ar$e.... You don't want to know how angry I am right now....
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