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@Emu Amiga - no worries mate, I kinda worded things wrong

That's the annoying thing though eh? To me, all the hard work is done by people who already give their stuff away free; WinUAE, ClassicWB, Amikit, and so on.. all great work by amazing and talented people. The Kickstart roms & Workbench (afaik) are not free, but licensed to be sold. A situation I find unbelievable considering how old they are.

So we end up with the catch 22 of never having a complete package freely available for download. As things stand, I can understand people getting AF, particularly beginners; Winuae is not the easiest software to get your head round as a beginner after all. For the sake of some stupid protection on a few very old & small rom & disk images, this situation could be remedied. I strongly believe Winuae should be available for download, all pre-installed and ready to go (for free.) Hell, I'd even include the well-known game packages in there, with the option for software houses to request the removal of their ip.

Perhaps if (the real) Commodore had not gone under, things would be different. You never know, Amstrad released all their stuff into the public domain lol.

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