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The Konix Speedking was a weird one - I had one and loved it, but it ended up dying a death. So I went out and bought another one... and hated it. Switched to my trusty black and yellow Zipstick, and that was it until I sold up. (Ironically, I see everyone knocking Competition Pros, I had one as well and quite liked it.)

The worst of the worst however, has already been mentioned, and Zetr0 has it.

The Cheetah 125+ was in stock EVERYWHERE on the cheap, and I think everyone I knew had one as their "backup" stick. (In otherwords, they bought one or got one as a pressie, hated it like everyone else, and flung it in a drawer.) It was always the default stick given to anyone who showed up for a Kick Off match, but didn't bring their own. Everything about it just felt cheap and flimsy. Absolutely horrendous, and absolutely the undisputed king of lame joysticks.

Wasn't the Quickshot II that was basically identical to this?
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