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Originally Posted by Christian View Post
Yes, ok I was being too harsh Sorry

My point remains though that none of this stuff (roms, etc) is going to end up free if people keep paying for it. As far as I know, this isn't a problem with other old/dead platforms. Well, there's the PC in a C64 case thingy but the less said about that, the better....

No Apologies are necessary, after reflecting a bit, i realise that you are 100% correct. The more i think about the 'new Commodore' the more disgusted i feel about their decision to repackage a crumby windows machine in a C-64 clothing.

Originally Posted by synchro View Post
Ye thats the problem though...while there is demand ( and the Amiga community is big ) they can still make money licencing the roms...No doubt Cloanto pay a tidy sum for the rights to use them.

Its all down to business Cloanta saw a market for the Amiga and to make some money and went for it as do a lot of other Amiga based packages.....The person i really feel sorry for is Toni Wilen who devotes so much time to Winuae ( without that the roms really are worth shite ) and he survives on donations yet all these packages use his free application and they dont even need to ask permission !!

I do hope however they look after him in some way

Edit....Probably not literally survives but you know what i mean
You're right, Toni is top shelf. Thanks Toni for the hard work.

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