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Hi Guys

Firstly thank you for all your patience, and thanks to our friends at EAB too for allowing us to post and update you guys over here.

You are correct 1and1 have royally cocked things up, there is an issue with the configuration of the upgraded Apache server.... they have not enabled the processing of php scripting hence the site, which btw is fully intact, cannot process and execute the scripts needed.

Merlin, Andylandy and Harrison have raised this with 1and1, they are in direct contact with them and awaiting them to sort it out....

The delay and extraordinary time it is taking to manage their customers service requests leads me to believe that there are a lot of irate customers out their who have also had their sites borked...
In fact the recent Amibay hack was probably aimed at all 1and1 hosted sites due to holes in their security which this upgrade rollout was probably trying to patch and address..

Point is its not good enough and as an Admin I will be discussing a move to another host provider in the immediate future, they will not be getting paid this month either..

The Site will also be upgraded to VB 4 in the coming weeks, but don't worry, Harrison will be doing this himself.

Again I apologise for the length of time that the site has been offline and thank you all for your patience and loyalty, we will be back online soon......

Thanks to all at EAB too..

Best Wishes to you all.
Amibay Administrator.

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