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Share your whimsical Amiga stories!

PMing a certain extremely helpful member of the Amiga Community has got me thinking; what memories do you all have of your Amiga, which make you smile when you recall them? It's probably been done to death on these boards no doubt, so I'm afraid I am going to have to limit you to more abstract associations...

So... apart from the whoopings you gave to friends in various games (and there was plenty of that!) how did owning an Amiga influence your wider life?

For instance. Around this time of year, many years ago, one of my brother's had brought me an unknown game for Christmas. My youngest brother, who had seen what is was, tried to spoil the surprise for me. However, he had difficulty speaking at his present age, so he kept saying "You are getting Titler for Christmas". I had no idea what he meant, but he was insistant; "It's Titler." My other brother would then say "Shhh!" and he'd be quiet for a while.... then he'd come up and whisper "Don't tell Gary, but it's Titler". This went on until Christmas day, when the secret was finally understood. It was Elite, for the A500. Needless to say, Commander Titler was soon taking off in his Cobra Mk III; as he was to later do in Frontier too... and to appear as a user name on many different places from then onwards. The influence of that one game lives on! The Elite Award was given to me by a website (can no longer remember which, sadly) for beating both games... does the newsgroup still exist? I wrote most of the Amiga FAQ for that around 1995...

There were plenty more ways owning an Amiga was pivital for me; but now over to you!
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