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I use mine for games, but in an unusual situation:

I took an old Double Dragon arcade machine, ripped out the game board, hooked an A2000 to the monitor + joysticks + speakers, etc. and connected an A1200 to the A2000 using a null modem cable and video through a genlock in the A2000.

The A2000 loads and plays games from its hard drive using a joystick controlled menu. The A1200 plays MP3s (converted to IFF 8SVX) and AVI animations (converted to HAM ANIM5) while the games play.

Xenon2 looks great while playing the game with the 'real' Bomb the Bass sountrack with its 2 layer paralax graphics + the asteroid scene with the millenium falcon from 'The Empire Strikes Back' looping in the background. Deluxe Galaga is interesting as well (the black space background is replaced with various movie scenes). Giana Sisters plays with Aerosmiths 'Dude looks like a lady' as the background soundtrack

Actually It was more fun building and modifying the system than playing the games themselves.

The next step is to see if an old sit-down Afterburner cabinet can be converted to run Stunt Car Racer complete with working hydraulics
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