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Originally Posted by synchro View Post
The person i really feel sorry for is Toni Wilen who devotes so much time to Winuae ( without that the roms really are worth shite ) and he survives on donations yet all these packages use his free application and they dont even need to ask permission !!

I do hope however they look after him in some way

Edit....Probably not literally survives but you know what i mean
That is true,without winuae the Amiga pay for packages would be dead,but i still like playing around with the real thing once in a while,havn't used my A500 for a long time I wonder if it still works..

I thnks most people use A600 and A1200 nowadays,I use my A1200 abit more then my yellowing A600..werid how my A600 is like that and my A1200 is not..

Anyway soorry got a bit of topic got to love this place..
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