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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
The trick is to stay on the accelerator with that specific access. In layman's terms: I'm just not telling the Amiga that I'm accessing $c0 space, but do it silently in my own universe while the chipset minds it's own business. The beauty of the Amiga architecture.
Aha! Awesome. Thanks for the insider info.

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Kick3.0 adds memory in $c0 and chipmem (obviously), plus any zorro cards. Kick3.1 has a new routine that looks for memory starting at $0800.0000 in 1MByte-increments.
Excellent, thanks. Most A1200 accelerators identify themselves as Zorro cards, which is how, I suspect, the memory gets added to the system by any kickstart. Did you decide not to use this technique for cost reasons or does it have other benefits?

Regarding battery, I am having the same issue with the A604. I am gonna look into this in the coming days.

Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Maybe it requires a FPU which the ACA does not have? You will find a few apps like this where you need to use the non FPU varients like AWEB or IBrowse
Actually CNet "turboio" mode is a hack in terms of PCMCIA access, it's documented in the readme, so I guess it disagrees with this aritecture. The standard version runs fine, however.
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