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Originally Posted by alenppc View Post
A question for Jens. The $C0000 mapped memory is 32-bit (obviously) but according to AIBB it is just as fast as the rest of the expansion RAM (4.0 index!). I thought this was in Agnus' address space, so wouldn't the access have to be shared with the the custom chips, thus slowing it to the same speed as the Chip RAM?
The CPU+RAM subsystem is totally separated from the Amiga. I can take any address space I want and map it to fastmem in my SD-Ram controller. While for some addresses (chipmem and IO) it would not make sense to "steal" it from the rest of the system, it makes perfect sense for ram-only and rom-only space, such as kickstart and $c0 mem space.

The trick is to stay on the accelerator with that specific access. In layman's terms: I'm just not telling the Amiga that I'm accessing $c0 space, but do it silently in my own universe while the chipset minds it's own business. The beauty of the Amiga architecture.

Originally Posted by alenppc View Post
What is the main reason all of the memory is only added when using Kick 3.1 but not 3.0? Is there a new function that is part of 3.1 but absent in 3.0?
Kick3.0 adds memory in $c0 and chipmem (obviously), plus any zorro cards. Kick3.1 has a new routine that looks for memory starting at $0800.0000 in 1MByte-increments.

I am mapping $0be0.0000 to $0bef.ffff to $00c0.0000, so there's a 1MByte gap that keeps kickstart from adding memory after 62MBytes.

As a result, memory at $0bf0.0000 to $0bff.ffff will be usable if you do NOT use Maprom. You can use the addmem command, should you have an application that requires 1MByte more. However, be careful not to use the Maprom option after adding that mem to the free memory pool, because ACAtune does not check if you've added that mem.

Originally Posted by alenppc View Post
EDIT: Forgot to mention. Despite having inserted the battery, the RTC doesn't seem to work. A "setclock load" gives me a 1978 date. Tried also "setclock reset", date changing, "setclock save", then "setclock load". This leads to a correct date while the system is on, but it resets again when the system is off. This makes me think that I didn't insert the battery properly. Does it need to be pushed really hard in? It's being held in place by the plastic tabs now... not sure if that's enough.
It should be enough, but I've had a few support cases where the battery holder's contacts had to be cleaned, for example with a Q-tip and alcohol. After inserting the battery, you should be able to measure about 3V at the two solder contacts of the battery holder on the bottom side of the accelerator.

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Hey I got this same problem too! How should the battery be inserted? Some dummy instructions please
"how" is described in the manual: With the "plus" side up.

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