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Originally Posted by Emu Amiga View Post
While i agree with some of your points, shaming someone that actually went out and bought Cloanto's Amiga package (me) is a bit extreme, isn't it? It's not like you can actually go out and buy a legacy A500, if i could, I would one the first people in line. Cloanto's package in conjuction with Classic workbench is the closest i'm ever going to get to experiencing my old (dead) Amiga again.
I build my Amiga launchers and my own Workbench's and as many of you know i give them away free....But i also bought cloanto's Amiga Forever...Its a really good package with some great stuff and for those who want get straight back into the Amiga without all the setting up or are unfamiliar with doing it then its the perfect starting point....certainly no shame in it..
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