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Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
in the end i ended up having to hold the unit with my thighs so i could get more precision on the stick......

I have coffee everywhere!


there are some really corkers for title of worst Joystick, that Konix really looks the winner - but I will put up another candidate

Ladies and gentlemen I present

The Cheetah 125+

Now, you might be thinking...well that don't look half bad.... atleast it looks like a joystick compared to the Konix and MasterCHronic from earlier posts...

but this Joystick is like trying to thread a needle with a boxing gloves on... theres absolutely no return and if it wasnt for the thermo plastic, edges, the unit would rip-right through itself before it moved in any direction.

The fire buttons are no better - its the very worst implementation of the lowest form of joystick technology (leaf connectors - no springs - no microswitches).

It truly is a wolf in sheeps clothing... even the Mighty Super Streetfighter gaming legend that is Fitzsteve would not be able to pull off a Ha-do-Ken!

This joystick is an afront to all other claiments - pertaining to be a joystick ... in fact its an afront to mankind in general!
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