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Originally Posted by Christian View Post
Yes, it's been said before but all this stuff should be in the public domain now, let's face it. Ok, apart from OS4 (personally NOT interested.)

It would be lovely if WinUAE consisted of installing, then clicking which machine you would like, then loading any game you want, harddrive or floppy, shouldn't matter.

Not gonna happen when there's companies out there like "Commodore (pfft)," "Amiga Inc," "Cloanto," etc still trying to make a profit on a dead format.

Fuck them, and shame on anyone for giving them money.
While i agree with some of your points, shaming someone that actually went out and bought Cloanto's Amiga package (me) is a bit extreme, isn't it? It's not like you can actually go out and buy a legacy A500, if i could, I would one the first people in line. Cloanto's package in conjuction with Classic workbench is the closest i'm ever going to get to experiencing my old (dead) Amiga again.
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