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Smile Radio PARALAX - Webradio for Computer- & Videogame remixes

Hello everybody!

First of all I want to say thanks to the guys forwarding me to this site. I want to tell you something about our webradio project on . We're a small team of retro gamers & nostalgia fans from germany offering a 24/7 program with computer & videogame remixes, demoscene music and other open music projects all over the world. There are also liveshows at selected days with news from the scene and even a videostream on some days showing some game reviews or Longplays of C64, Amiga and arcade games. During this shows we also play chiptunes and preview versions of unreleased or exclusive tracks. The page is mainly german based but there are english sections as well as our community is very international (e.g. news system or in the forum). If you love classic videogame tunes, events or interviews with many well known persons in the scene take a look on our site. We're looking forward to everyone who share his nostalgian memories with us. Thanks for your attention.
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