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Ok, so finally yesterday I have received the ACA-1231 from Vesalia after two months waiting! (Also the first shipment from them that got taxed at the customs... $40, dammit. )

Wow, what a beast! This card is seriously fast. I did the AIBB tests, and it beats the stock A4000 in many of them (obviously excluding those where the 040's excellent FPU made the difference).

Here's a curiosity. The PCMCIA CNet ethernet card now works only when using the standard 020 driver, while the "Turboio" driver (which made a lot of difference with my previous M-Tec 1230), freezes the system. Not a big deal however. The regular driver works fine and I don't mind that it achieves a slightly lower throughput.

Other than that I have not experienced any other freezes with my system which leads me to believe the mobo timing is correct.

A question for Jens. The $C0000 mapped memory is 32-bit (obviously) but according to AIBB it is just as fast as the rest of the expansion RAM (4.0 index!). I thought this was in Agnus' address space, so wouldn't the access have to be shared with the the custom chips, thus slowing it to the same speed as the Chip RAM?

What is the main reason all of the memory is only added when using Kick 3.1 but not 3.0? Is there a new function that is part of 3.1 but absent in 3.0?

I can't even begin to imagine what kind of a throughput could Jens squeeze out of a 68040 with this kind of design...

EDIT: Forgot to mention. Despite having inserted the battery, the RTC doesn't seem to work. A "setclock load" gives me a 1978 date. Tried also "setclock reset", date changing, "setclock save", then "setclock load". This leads to a correct date while the system is on, but it resets again when the system is off. This makes me think that I didn't insert the battery properly. Does it need to be pushed really hard in? It's being held in place by the plastic tabs now... not sure if that's enough.

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