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Originally Posted by JuvUK View Post
rofl, pmsl OS4.1 supported!!! rofl, pmsl "real deal"
Okay. Let me tell you my real user experience on OS 4.0

I installed it on a hard drive. Oooh Bvision support out of the box and it just works... after like 40 minutes of installing I have the OS4 desktop on my CRT screen. For some reason my floppy drive was invisible, no matter. I see desktop. Can go to change prefs and stuff. Can browse drawers in the os. I then started thinking about what I want to do with it... Couldn´t come up with anything to do with it. Took away the whole hard drive tray and floppy disk drive, put a cf card reader and cf card to it and proceeded to play Eye of the Beholder from classicwb39. Would I actually go and install os 4.1? What is it, 150 euros? For what? Slightly nicer web browser than classicwb39?

But still... it IS amigaos... it is actively being developed, there may some day be an os4.2 much more of a real deal than Commodore OS vision. I do prefer the classics though, if that´s what you were wondering.
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