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I really... really don´t like the user interface of winuae though. Can´t really see how this one could be worse. Wait... It´s linux? Right, that´ll be worse.

The main thing that is wrong with Emulating amiga is that people, including me, fail to set the emulation up properly. Just loading and swapping adf files is the way 99% of people do it and its just not worth it for anything more than just trying out one specific game... and then probably giving up as keyboard/usb joypad controls will be just terrible.

If you give the same attention to emulating though, be that with winuae or this linux thing or whatever, as you would if you were building your own Amiga, then it will probably be pretty good... like l´amiga project and stuff like that. It depends how much time you want to spend. But then again, if you´re that much interested then the only reason not to go for real hardware would be saving money... and then you will not be buying those expensive cusa rigs
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