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(CD32 + AGA) Heimdall 2 graphic glitches

I'm having some trouble locking down the reason for a variety of graphic glitches while playing Heimdall 2 in WinUAE's emulated CD32. I'll list them in a bulleted list for easy reading.

1) If I load the game using Amiga Forever's CD32 mode, the game will run fine up until the point I start playing. At the start of the first level, I can see most of the status bar at the top, but with a lot of pixel artifacts all the way across.

1b) If I switch the collision detection from AF's default "Full" to WinUAE's default "Sprites and Sprites vs Playfield" (or if I just load the game using WinUAE's CD32 Quickstart option, which does the same thing, pretty much), I can see the whole of the screen, but the camera doesn't scroll along with my character as I move towards the edge.

1c) Eventually, the screen will start to pixellate and do what I can only describe as a loss of V-Hold. I wouldn't know what else to call it, since I haven't ever seen this sort of error since playing on an older CRT television set using an RF cable connection.

2) When playing the AGA version, much of the same errors occur (no camera movement, pixel artifacts, discoloration).

Is there a known configuration that definitely works with the CD32 version?
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