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If you feel like you'd be handy in recreating any of the old AB3D maps, please feel free to chip in.

Right now I am at a road block with the palette again, so all work on the levels and what not has been put on hold until I can get past this issue. Needless to say this Palette issue has been going on two weeks now, and the subject is highly under-documented so I could certainly use all the help I can get to help further the progress of this project in other areas while I sort this out.

Mind you, if there are aspects of the mapping that are beyond you, such as some of the more advanced BOOM features needed to duplicate the look and feel of the original AB3D maps, then just leave those sections go and I'll come back and touch them up when I'm ready.

What I have been doing since I don't have a nifty AB3D to DOOM map conversion tool, is load up AB3D on an Amiga, then try to duplicate the maps with a map builder on another machine as I progress through it.

That said, thank you for the compliments!! I'm trying.
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