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Amiga 500 floppies transfer to MBP 2012 Lion?

Hello all !

I hope i'm asking in the right place, If not i apologies for my luck of knowledge.

Ok I'v got like over 100 original floppy games from the Commodore Amiga 500.
Is it possible to transfer these floppies onto my Macbook Pro latest edition 2012 Lion ?
Or can i just get some external USB floppy reader to them work on my MBP ?

I got emulators running though some games i cannot find on the web and would like to transfer them onto my MBP.

And another question regarding the amazing sounds Amiga games use to have, Is there like an actual synthesiser that produces these sounds that i can buy?
Or are there any plug-ins that contain these sounds for the use of music production ?

Thanks in advance !
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