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Fish: Yes the weapons are included within the source files, though I forget which package it was exactly that had them in there.

If you would like, I can upload all the graphic files from the game onto the web somewhere in BMP format.

Though my thoughts are on the weapons is that we would be better off re-creating them as they really do not look good at all. I was messing around with them last night and all I see is pixels, where as if you look at the DOOM weapons, Dark Forces, Duke 3D, etc. They look pretty polished.

I was going to release another demo with the new palette, but alas I ran into another road block. Sadly changing DOOM's palette is not something that is heavily documented, so I've had to spend hours trying things to work right, then when I think I'm all caught up and ready to map with my new resources in hand...

I discover something that looks like ass in software mode, then have to restart everything all over again. Sighhh....

Nova: I have been testing everything using the DOS and your Amiga port of BOOM. So far the most of the mapping tricks I have been using have all worked, the only areas I'm running into a road block thus far is the fact that classic BOOM (both the DOS version and yours) does not seem to support all of my BEX code. I.E. when you shoot the barrels, they only explode once as opposed to three times. Which means the new invisible barrels I created to give this triple explosion illusion, only seem to work in PrBOOM and Odamex thus far.

I intend to go back through and adjust the height of the invisible barrels, perhaps that will allow it to work with BOOM?

That aside, I was messing around and tried to create a room with a pool of water. Over the water there is a 3D bridge that the player can walk over and under.
When the player is under water, the color map changes to all blue, and the player slows down as if the friction of the water is holding him back.

Thus far this works and looks great in GL mode under PrBOOM Plus, but in BOOM I am getting some graphical garbage. I'll have a second look at it later then if I can't resolve the issue I can upload it and allow you to have a look.

It is not part of any of my current Alien Breed 3D maps, but it was an idea I was playing with to see if some of the more advanced AB3D maps will be doable in BOOM.
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