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Hello Bamiga2002,

your configuration looks quite reasonable. I can't find an obvious bug, but I will check that in detail on my WinUAE system.

Atm, I can only see two things, which you should change:
SetPatch DISABLEROMMODULES "" SKIPROMMODULES fs,icon,ram-handler,scsi.device,shell,workbench QUIET
Please, remove icon and workbench from this line, because they don't belong to the DEVS:AmigaOS ROM UPDATE.
SetPatch DISABLEROMMODULES "" SKIPROMMODULES fs,ram-handler,scsi.device,shell QUIET
Second change: You are using two lines: Stack 4096, but no MinStack or StackAttack instruction. A stack of 4000 is the system default anyway, and two Stack instructions with the same argument won't make much sense.

But much more important, the Stack instruction has only an effect on the commands in your startup-sequence and will not prevent stack overflows after booting has finished. The default stack of 4000 is much too low for programs, tools and libraries. Please, insert a line with MinStack 10000 after SetPatch.

And please delete 46.4.233, it was buggy !

It would also be nice, if you could check the attributes of your memory chunks. Is the FastMem PUBLIC, which priority has it, and which priority has the ChipMem ? You can use SysInfo or similar tools like ShowConfig.

Maybe, this could help in case that the workbench.prefs are broken? Delete the workbench.prefs from ENVARC:sys and from ENV:sys and then use Sys:Prefs/Workbench, set the memory type to "other memory" and save it. Remove the WBCtrl IMT=IconFast from the startup-sequence and reboot (Hardware Reset).

Btw, what happens if you execute IconsToFastMem from a shell after booting ?
And, what happens with the original icon.library 45.1 ?
What are your PicassoVS settings ?
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