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Why does Rodland have to be such a CPU-demanding game?

Rodland happens to be one of my favourite games on any platform, like, ever. The easy-to-understand gameplay, the colourful presentation, and the awesome soundtrack managed to sell it to me from day one - and the C64 port was the first version I played as a kid!

I felt it'd be pretty awesome if I could play all versions of this game while on the move, and I many different handhelds with which to do so. Mind you, none of them are any cop at perfectly emulating the Arcade and Amiga versions. I mean, C64, Spectrum, Amstrad, NES, Game Boy... sure. But not these two. =[ Not the best ones.

I have two platforms so far with which I can play Arcade Rodland - Wiz and iPhone 4. And while they perform admirably, none of them can run it at 100% in iMAME4ALL. And even then, iMAME4ALL wouldn't emulate the music correctly (though I'm not knocking it at all, it still sounds decent enough - it's just it's missing a few instruments) due to it being based on an ancient MAME build. Now the iOS world recently saw another MAME effort - MAME4iOS - by the same guys, and it's based on a much newer MAME build, but with it comes the steeper system requirements and, well, turns out an iPhone 4 just chokes miserably emulating Rodland through it, and the situation doesn't improve much (if at all) even with the sound off. I'd love to hear from any lucky iPad 2/3 owner on here if that makes it run any smoother, mind you...

As for Amiga Rodland, I feel I'm less lucky getting a decent portable crack on it. The Wiz (and the Caanoo for that matter) received just one measly rushjob of a GP2X port of UAE4ALL before being abandoned by its short-attention-span-riddled author/porter. Meanwhile, the Pandora receives a billion new UAE4ALL updates up the wazoo (including just-recently added AGA support), despite being on a handheld that no sane gamer with financial concerns would fork out over 350 quid on lest they be afraid to take it out anywhere and possibly lose the bugger. The Dingoo port makes some valiant effort but just falls short of the mark. And I'm not exactly holding my breath for PSPUAE to find the sort of optimizations needed to run it well that the PSP's severely-stressed CPU can handle... (I mean, seriously, what's the game doing in the background that's so taxing on power? It doesn't use parallax scrolling, so what else could it be? But I digress...)

So the only way I can play 'em at glorious full speed would be on my Windows desktop, which kinda kills the portability factor. Am I just unfortunate that this game of all games is such a bitch for all but the ninjaest of PCs to get right?
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