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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Hi Bamiga2002,
are you sure that it's 46.4.228 which is doing the job for you, and not 225 ?? I was wrong, 228 is not using FastMem by default like 225 is doing it. I'm a bit confused now, what's really going wrong on your system. So, I need some more information. Is it really DOpus 4, not DOpus 5, which makes the problem with falling back into 4-color mode ?

Which versions and revisions of the following files are installed ?
workbench.library, datatypes.library, picture.datatype, png.datatype and/or WarpPNG.datatype, all picasso96 files or cybergraphics files. Which size and date+time has the icon.library ?

Version of SetPatch, IPrefs, exec.library, graphics.library, dos.library ?

Don't use FastIPrefs or any of Cosmos' libraries, please !
Hello PeterK, sorry for late reply.

file versions:
icon.library 46.4.228 - 26660 bytes (31.3.2012 07:40)
workbench.library 45.131
datatypes.library 44.48
picture.datatype 45.17
png.datatype 45.16 (WarpPNG)
Picasso96API.library 2.310
emulation.library 40.395
fastlayers.library 40.48
rtg.library 40.3992

Setpatch 44.38
IPrefs 45.13
exec.library 45.20
graphics.library 40.24 (in ROM)
dos.library 40.3 (in ROM)

With latest icon.library 46.4.240 icons display slowly and chipram is used. I use DOpus 4. It gives me this error message:

"Directory opus request:
unable to open screen/window"

and then it opens a screen in PAL low res mode with 2-colors or 4-colors (chipram is used up).

EDIT: attached Startup-sequence & User-startup. also tested with icon.library 46.4.233 and 46.4.235 and it also eats chipram.
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