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Tiny Launcher only scan 1 level of directory.
Why? It's not designed to work in the workbench. In ClassicWB files have been classified by letter because it would take too much time for the Workbench to scan all the directories.

At the beginning, it was about putting your favorite small collection of games in a directory, and Tiny Launcher was displaying your directories where a Slave was about to be found. It was only working with 'online scan'. I mean no Database.
So the goal was to scan as quick as possible. I could have checked if a whdload were under the directory but it would have taken more time, because it was designed to work on a 68000 especially the CDTV/A500/A600 (because it's almost impossible to find a quick launcher for those plateform, therefore I have never tried the KillerGorilla ECS launcher, I never managed to make it work).

So, you need to create for example a directory like "ECSGAMES" and put your games in it. like this :



In the futur I will display the directory only if there's the Slave under but only for the Database, because you don't update it everytime.

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