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Thanks for the comments

That's a great pic Predseda! I'm glad it went down well and it looks like a fun event.

As for the two-player mode... it's a tricky one because it's not really a concept that naturally lends itself to such a mode. I see where you're coming from but I personally dislike games that force you to twiddle your thumbs when you die because the other player is still going, I think it gets dull (in my opinion of course!). I played it a lot with my brother during testing and it was a lot of fun doing so so that convinced me it was the best way to go. But I can see why you'd prefer another method.

In other news: no work done recently, too busy watching the football

However, look out for Retro Gamer issue 104 next week - as you can see from [ Show youtube player ] at around the 11:30 mark, Downfall gets reviewed! Looks like a positive one too
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