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Hi Bamiga2002,
are you sure that it's 46.4.228 which is doing the job for you, and not 225 ?? I was wrong, 228 is not using FastMem by default like 225 is doing it. I'm a bit confused now, what's really going wrong on your system. So, I need some more information. Is it really DOpus 4, not DOpus 5, which makes the problem with falling back into 4-color mode ?

Which versions and revisions of the following files are installed ?
workbench.library, datatypes.library, picture.datatype, png.datatype and/or WarpPNG.datatype, all picasso96 files or cybergraphics files. Which size and date+time has the icon.library ?

Version of SetPatch, IPrefs, exec.library, graphics.library, dos.library ?

Don't use FastIPrefs or any of Cosmos' libraries, please !

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