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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Which of your systems is that ? WB 3.1 or WB 3.9 ?
If WB 3.1, is FBlit installed and has it the correct configuration ?

The latest icon.libraries are checking if FBlit is running before they switch to FastMem on WB 3.0/3.1. This was different with 46.4.228, it was always using FastMem as default memory.

If you use WB 3.5, then you can put the command WBCtrl ICONFAST into the startup-sequence just before LoadWB. And WB 3.9 has the Workbench preferences where you can choose FastMem (other memory) for icons.

If really nothing seems to work then try this (I did not check it out yet because my Pizza and Red Wine are waiting)
I'm running OS 3.9, no FBlit but Mediator with Voodoo (see sig). I already had "WBCtrl IMT=ICONFAST" and in Workbench-preferences "Other memory". I also tried IconsToFastmem in place of the WBCtrl-command. Sadly none of these options worked. When WB loads there's 1.5Mb chipram left, as I try to open DOPUS 4, it can't open the screen an instead reverts to 4-color PAL screen (all chipram gone).

EDIT: I also downloaded the new Aminet-release v240, same thing here. I reverted back to v228 for now. And btw. I also have the PowerIcons-patch running.

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