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As mentioned by Twistin', there is no better text editor than Cygnus. Was it never ported to the PC?
Anyway, it wouldn't be the same thing. The AREXX possibilities were endless, the modules that existed for it were superb (as basic as it may seem on first sight, I have never encountered a lovelier development environment than AmigaE couples with CygnusED), and it was extremely user-friendly.

"Oh, I'd like to be able to [insert wish] with this CygnusEd".
Mere seconds later, it was possible, done and easy to do!

*sigh* Whenever I have the time again, I'd like to spend days on end (as I used to do) on my Amiga again. First, I'll hunt for some good old fashioned joysticks, then I'll fill my HD up to the brim with games, hook it on a new telly and game away!
After, I'll code myself a nice self-booting game selection screen, slap some nice tunes on it, and game away again!
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