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classicwb will likely need the fonts disk. i doubt it comes with all the copyrighted material it'll need to run out of the box. i know that when installing AmiSYS 4, it asks for the fonts, extras and main wb disk.

If your workbench disks are legit, I personally dont see any problem in obtaining the fonts disk image from the 'net to restore to a fresh new floppy. you're allowed to own backup copies of it afterall, you're just unfortunate enough to not have any and your original has corrupted.

I cant upload it for you here as it's still copyrighted i believe but googling will usually find them.

if you head over to aminet and get adf2disk here:

download that, extract it using winrar on your windows machine and copy the extraced data to your CF card, along with the fonts.adf disk image, then run adf2disk on your amiga with a blank floppy in the drive, you'll end up with a working fonts disk.
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