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Originally Posted by bbond007 View Post
Managed to get the RF modulator removed and got my kipper2k HDMI port installed.

I don't have it connected yet because I don't have a monitor that works with the DVI, so right now I need to use the VGA until the new core is ready...

I tested out the HDMI speaker connections and they did work, however I needed to run a separate ground wire to the RCA jacks. I'm guessing once the HDMI connector is connected to the Indivision it will have grounding, or should I ground the HDMI adapter as well? This may be caused because I put a few strips of electrical tape under under the bolts because I did not like how close the head of one was getting to a surface mount components on my MB version...

My next question is if both cables(the one that came with the Indivision and the one that came with the kipper2k) are compatible. Meaning, can I use the longer cable that came with the Indivision with the kipper2k HDMI port? I just have too much stuff getting in the way and need a longer cable.

BTW everything is super nice quality kit! Thanks!


Once the HDMI cable is plugged in it should complete the ground circuit. Cables are compatible, i used the same DVI pinout that Jens used.

You can prove the sound works by just plugging in a HDMI cable into the Amiga and the correct HDMI input on your tv, change the input to that HDMI input and you should hear sound (no picture, as your monitor is not compatible yet).

There is no need to ground the HDMI adapter as there are common grounds that come from the DVI header that are fed to the HDMI connector so system ground should be present

The bolts are not connected to any part of the board traces so there can be no shorts. The bolts do not have to be super tight eitherr

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