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Problems installing OS on new HD

Hi guys.

After following good advice from the good people here, I just bought a CF HD and PCMCIA CF adapter from Amigakit for my A600 running kickstart 2.05.

The installer starts just fine and copies the files from the WB floppy and the Extras floppy, but when it comes to the Fonts, it fails.
It makes a long list of messages like this one:

"Can't open rexxsupport.library for output - object is in use."

Do you think that my Fonts floppy is dead?
And is it really needed?

The Amiga reboots when I click next and when it boots from the HD it gives the following message while loading the Workbench screen:

C:Adddatatypes: Unknown command

Then it continues to the workbench which is seemingly working fine.
I then insert the floppy, which was bundled with the PCMCIA CF adapter, called "ADAPCMCFL".
I am supposed to launch it from WB to install the driver for the card by double-clicking the drive with its name but it shows the floppy as "DF0:????" instead of "ADAPCMCFL".
When I double click "DF0:????", it says "The icon(s) have no default tool.

Might this indicate that the installation of WB on the HD is missing some files other than just fonts?

Any clues would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance
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