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Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
i dont know weither you would agree or not but here goes.if anyone here uses one of these they have to be aware that they can generate condensation and use alot more power at 12 volts to be effecient.
I really don't know what sort of energy has to be cooled away from the Indivision, or the chips in the Amiga, but typically, you "over shoot" by a lot, to get well below ambient temps, in theory as low as 70c below ambient. Anything below 0c would form not only condensation, but ice crystals, and flood the thing once you turn it of. Below ambient, to 0c has a real risk of condensation. It's a real issue your pointing at, we agree wholeheartedly, i just didn't mention it, seeing as i find it very unrealistic that anyone would use one at all... It's just not the right tool here, even if it is a nifty bit of tec(h).
Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
and you would still need a heatsink and fan on the other end due to the way they work.
Larger heatsink, and fan in reality. You could aim for a higher then optimal temp on the jot side, but that means you lose efficiency. It's just bulky, cumbersome, and impractical to use a TEC in the Amiga.
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