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Quote: daughter recently born 2 weeks ago...
Congratulations, mfilos
Who has said that Greece has no future ??
You have a lot of sun, you have giros and wine, you have a nice wifey and now you're also the proud father of a little girly, what else do you want ??

For some reason the test icons on your AllIconsOnWB archive seemed a lot faster (especially the PNG ones). I also converted an icon via CopyIcon from OS4 format to classic format and from 17KB it reduced to 4.9KB and with a lot greater speed!
Hmm, I don't know if there is any difference compared to the previous versions, but if it's faster for you now there must be a nice hidden feature, that's ok, of course

Perhaps you can use meynaf's PNG decoding routine. This ASM version is free, but you can write own version, maybe will be better.
It's not the biggest problem to build such a PNG decoding routine, since I already have the specification of the PNG file structure and also the source code of the PowerIcon patch from Elena Novaretti. No, it's more the lack of self-motivation to start the job and get it done.

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