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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
A TEC isn't magic. You need to be able to transfer more heat away with the TEC in place, then you need without it. The advantage is that you can, if your capable to keep the TEC cool, reach lower then ambient temperature. If your not going to nitpic about details, you can guesstimate that the TEC adds another 50% heat that has to go somewhere. That is, if you select a TEC that can just chill your heatsource to ambient levels.
What sort of effectiveness you actually end up with depends on what current you feed it. Usually "we" power TEC's at 12v, but they are rated at 15v, going lower means they transfer less heat, but they are actually more effective. Meaning you get more for what you put in. Less then theoretical capacity, but more for every W used by the TEC to do the job.
(By "we", i added to groups together, aquarium owners and PC overclockers. I sort of belong to both.)


i dont know weither you would agree or not but here goes.if anyone here uses one of these they have to be aware that they can generate condensation and use alot more power at 12 volts to be effecient.and you would still need a heatsink and fan on the other end due to the way they work.

EDIT:as for the indi maybe a firmware update is all thats needed to fix most peaples problems.

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