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Hello fellow enthusiasts


I have been hanging around here fore some time and enjoy it so i think it is time to introduce myself to you..

I am DTention and live in the Netherlands, i am 34 years old and have had an amiga 500 since 1990 and later a 1200. Had not touched it in a few years (1996 was the last time i think) until i found a Amiga 500 again in 2010 and have been fooling around with it since.
Not much later (2 weeks) also bought a 1200 with blizzy mk2 and caught the amiga virus again...
I am trying to collect all the models since and want 1 of each in full working order.
I like messing around with the hardware to get the best results out of these nice machines.
I think this is enough for now, you can always ask for more info if you are interested or i forgot something stupid.
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