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Now that the minimig has AGA support, I'm giving it serious consideration as a backup to my pimped out 1200.

lets face it, we're running on 15+ year old tech. some day only the privaledged/dedicated few will be lucky enough to own a working model, let alone an upgraded one :P

I have spare A1200 & A600 cases. I doubt it'd be much effort to put the minimig inside one, and get a real floppy drive (or a substitute like the sd card reader) hooked into a minimig and route the relevant ports to where they should be on the case.

I guess if you're a purist then only the original will do... for me, if it comes in an amiga case, and the keyboard keys feel and sound like the amiga, and plays like an amiga in terms of software and games then really, what's the difference apart from the hardware inside?
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