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Originally posted by NytroX86
However games is the only thing I use my Amiga for right now, because in truth I believe a PC would be better for everything else. It is surely impossible for 15+ year old machines to compete with the latest PCs for graphics and sound, but I'll admit I haven't tried any Amiga office applications but suspect they are bettered by PC or Mac counterparts too.
There is still no better text editor anywhere than CygnusEd. Deluxe Paint still has some advantages over PC/Mac paint programs. Compare Scala and Media Point to similar apps on the PC, like Power Point. Even the command line system shell has nothing I know of on the PC or Mac to one-up it. I'm sure I could think of many more examples, but you get the idea.

Originally I used my Amiga for video production (titles, animation, Toaster stuff, etc.), I used it for business stuff and DTP, gfx design, music creation, writing, surfing BBS's...pretty much the whole nine yards. Mind you, gaming is what I have embraced as the Amiga legacy, but I think it's sad how many people only know of the Amiga's gaming marvels. Only a few years ago did I even get a PC and that was because I just didn't find internet surfing to be adequate on the Amiga at that time. Honestly, I haven't even seen how the Amiga holds up in that arena since that time.

When I have a more modern Amiga setup (mostly, my existing Amiga setup(s) need some repair stuff), I plan on using it more than I do at this time. I am researching audio hardware and software solutions for a recording studio my buddy and I are creating. I have seen everything for professional sound recording on the PC and topping ProTools (a $10,000 app!) is a tall order, but Pyromania has aimed me in the direction of some modern Amiga sound solutions that look mighty impressive. Once I have tasted the Amiga version of sound production, I will make my decision.
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