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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
I do think we all have forgotten how the old times were. You only had a Tv. Why? You only had a car for the family, Why? What phone did you have? What laptop did you have? (none, and your first Pc was a very extraordinary spending). Did you have.... so much things?
I also remember though 1 week of driving to school cost £5 petrol, houses did not cost 10x pre-tax annual wage of your job to purchase, cigarettes/alcohol were not measured in "hours of work per day to sacrifice" in costs

Laptops may be cheaper today, but they are also inferior in some ways. Just try and purchase a laptop in PC World for under £1000 that can play the 2005 smash hit PC game Battlefield 2....something my 2006 laptop does very nicely in full detail settings
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