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At the time I was more pissed off that my £2500 car was written off for £1700 and then £200 was subtracted from the settlement cheque to cover the last 2.5 months of insurance even though the other party was at fault and the excess was paid for by the other idiot's insurance. Add to that the same sort of time as getting screwed out of £1000 on my car because some idiot drove into my driver door nearly killing me, my projector blew the lamp but only as it killed the ballast board and Optoma didn't have a part.

I'm usually not like that but hey I LOVED my car and I LOVED watching crap after work on a 12 foot screen via DLP projection

As some people from the UK have said, it's not just getting a job, it's more like 1/20th of your monthly wages goes to stupid shit like having running water in your house that you can't even drink because it tastes so foul or 1/10th or more of monthly wages to have your bins collected 4 times (council tax!) etc.

I worked out that in that crappy job, if I signed on all I had to do was earn about £15 a day extra to be no worse off anyway.

Ahhh and of course not forgetting I nearly lost all the work I had done as the PC I was using killed the hard drive (don't you just love how suicidal Winblows is? haha)

Still I'm not starving so.......... Anyway I was playing Zoom 99 and Moonsweep and a few other games on various machines like MSX/Amstrad/Atari/C64 and they are all basically Buck Rogers : Planet of Zoom ripoffs and I was going to do a comparison....and thought if only it was on Amiga too So I looked over my files and it was all as I had left it (ie well labelled and in logical directories etc). I think it's a game worth doing if I can pull off the sort of "wow that's running at just 7mhz on a 32 colour VGA screen mode!" wow factor.

May even do a limited run with box and manual and real disks etc for a budget price......just so it doesn't get lost when the FBI accidentally delete the internet from existence in 2016 LOL

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